new member of the family

Last weekend we picked up a new member of the family. Sophie Sky Anderson is a 7 week old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. She’s utterly adorable and Ben is about as happy as you could imagine a 4 (but almost 5) year old little boy could be. [Read More]

2008 Technology Predictions

Lots of techies are out there right now thinking ahead to 2008 and what might be. Here’s a few random thoughts. Hopefully the tongue-in-cheek entries will be self evident. [Read More]

Codebase size is a symptom

A few weeks ago Steve Yeggeposted an article about code base size and it’s negative effect on projects. While I agree that his example of a 500k LOC project is horrid I’d have split some hairs here and say that lines of code (or bloat as he refers to it)... [Read More]


I guess the title is a really geeky way of saying … we’re pregnant. Or more accurately Amy is pregnant and she’s due in mid-June. [Read More]