Let’s just ignore the 4 year hiatus. We’ll just chalk it up to “life getting in the way” and I really didn’t feel very inspired to write very much. Then at some point while talking to some colleagues I came to realize just how much pent-up content I had been sitting on. I’ve been playing around with some techie-related hobbies as well as learning new things at work. So here we go, off to the races as they say.

At work I’ve had the chance to lead a few projects with AWS, serverless architectures, compliance frameworks, Google Cloud, and lots of other cool tech. At home I’ve been slowly playing around with some home theatre projects, home automation systems, home weather stations, raspberry Pi, beer brewing (and accompanying gadgets), and other general geekery. Somewhere along the way I’ll write up some of what I’ve learned along the way and hopefully it’ll find an audience.