My lovely wife recently asked me publicly about the things I love. Here’s a quick list.

  • Food (I don’t think I’m a “foodie” but I REALLY like food, there’s nothing I patently dislike)
  • wine: I’m not too particular but I really like a good shiraz or merlot
  • beer: anything but american piss-beer, I really like these brands: Guinness, Duvel, Sierra Nevada, Rahr, Shiner
  • cheese: blue, havarti, sharp swiss, blue cheddar (I’m drooling just thinking about it)
  • bread: anything crusty, whole wheat, with chunks (that’s for you Amy), pumpernickel etc
  • fruits and vegetables: about anything fresh, I’m currently growing: tomatoes, 3 kinds of peppers, squash, lettuce and watermelon
  • Ms Sandy’s snow cones, mmmmm, tastes like summer
  • Items
    • my Ridgid 24V cordless hammer drill, it’s the best cordless drill you can buy IMHO hands down
    • my Craftsman radial arm saw, it’s my general purpose work-horse saw, I love it
    • my BBQ pit. :)
  • Music (…where to begin…)
    • U2, Toadies, NIN, Muse, Sparta, Stone Temple Pilots, Chevelle, Metallica, The Mars Volta, Burden Brothers, and many more….
  • Places
    • Davis Mountains, not the most beautiful mountains I’ve been to, but this family place is my zen-spot, my centering place
    • our back yard, very relaxing and comforting
    • my workshop (or my Man Room as Amy calls it)
  • Misc
    • My wife and son are the joys of my life. Period.
    • My family (immediate and extended) is incredible and I don’t get to spend enough time with any of them.
    • My friends are all wonderful and different. Every time we have a BBQ or gathering I realize how fortunate we are.
    • My job and career. I love where I work and what I do. I couldn’t ask for a better team, boss, department or company to work for. I’ve never been happier professionally.
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