I guess the title is a really geeky way of saying … we’re pregnant. Or more accurately Amy is pregnant and she’s due in mid-June.

Her morning sickness is not at all limited to the mornings but it not nearly as bad as it was with Ben. We’ve already been to an emergency clinic for an IV and she’s been on several different medications. A particular combination of them seems to be mostly doing the trick lately but she’s still having a pretty rough time of it all. It’s been bad enough that she has decided to put the business on hold until she can offer the quality photography and customer service she is committed to deliver.

Anyway, we are all happy and excited. Ben is hoping for a little brother and is already picking out names. Bob and Santa Claus are his top picks at the moment.

If you call us and we don’t answer or we don’t return your call right away, please bare with us. It’s not that we don’t want to hear from you, it’s just not easy for Amy to talk on the phone when she feels so bad.