I’m headed to the Colorado Software Summit again this year. If I learn half as much as last year I’d still think it was worthwhile. I have been to a number of other software development and techie conferences and this one is hands down my favorite. Here’s a few quick reasons why:

    * No vendor booths. No pressure, no commercialism, no spin. Just tech. * Every session is worth taking notes in. They are very techie focused. I bring my laptop and between sessions find myself playing with the stuff I just learned about. * Several of the speakers wrote books that I own or software that I use. Perhaps that speaks to the quality of the presenters or maybe to my taste in books and software. * Keystone, Colorado is incredibly beautiful. We received 18 inches of snow during the conference last year.

Last year many of the session topics covered Service Oriented Architectures and various tools often used to facilitate them. Message busses, web services, mashups etc. This year there looks to be a bunch of topics on web frameworks, architecture (SOA, scaling, monitoring, grids etc) and data. Good stuff.

Here’s a few links from last year: