After a decade long career as a software developer, system integrator and architect, I am moving on. I’m going to work at a mall.

Well, technically our whole company is moving into an old mall. I’m doing the same job. It is just a lot more exciting to say that I’m “working at a mall now”. Rackspace is growing so fast and we have outgrown our available space in our current San Antonio offices and after evaluating a few alternative solutions (including building a Dell-like campus from scratch, moving various offices out of state etc) we have decided to take over the old (abandoned) Windsor Park Mall as our corporate headquarters.

Here’s a few interesting links related to Windsor Park Mall:

Here’s a few articles covering the recent events:

Many people have asked me how bad my drive from Boerne will be. After driving it during the same morning hours that I normally commute it wonlt be much worse than the drive was when we were downtown. If you are ever presented with an opportunity to tour an empty mall I highly recommend it. There’s a certain eerie quality to it that I can only liken to feeling as if zombies were right around the corner.