I want to be a iPhone fan-boy, I seriously do. The thing is I don’t have one yet so instead … I’ll play the role of “the hater”.

Reasons not to buy an iPhone (bare with me, I’m trying to talk myself out of buying one):

    * AT&T? Yikes, Amy and I left AT&T because of how bad the coverage is out here. I'm not going back any time soon. * No syncing from Linux. How hard would it have been to fix this? And the OSX syncing only works with the latest and greatest version of OSX. And forget about it under 64bit Vista. Too many limitations here for me. * Lack of useful apps. IM? Java? Flash? SSH? Encrypted notes? I'm not saying that these kinds of apps are used by everyone but I'm so spoiled by my Treo and the sheer number of downloadable applications. * No insurance? AT&T isn't offering any for the iPhone from what I've heard. Is that a $500 wad of uninsured breakable cash in your pocket or are you just happy to see me? * Phone locking up? Reports of lockups after 24 hours of use are starting to come in. These kinds of issues are typical for first generation devices and I'm sure Apple will issue a firmware update. Rev 2 and beyone will only get better in this regard. * No memory card support? The only reason I can think of is that Apple REALLY wants to control what and how things get loaded to this device. iTunes is the only way to sync anything to it. (see #2)

That’s it for now. I’m sure I’ll find more as time goes on. I’d love to play with one though to see if the screen is as beautiful as I hear. If some of these issues get resolved I’d seriously consider dropping some cash but until then I’ll just be jealous the iPhone hater.