Tribute to Jennifer

The following is the eulogy I wrote and delivered following the death of my sister, Jennifer. Today marks one month since her passing and it hurts as much today as it has every day since. I miss her terribly and I love her more than I can express. [Read More]


I’ve been asked for this recipe several times this week so I thought I’d post for all to enjoy. It’s a pain to make but oh so yummy. [Read More]


I’ve always prided myself in being an omnivore. There’s pretty much no food I patently dislike and I’ll try just about anything. Amy always tells me that if we signed up for the Amazing Race I’d be the one who’d rock all the food challenges. [Read More]

2 wheels ahoy

Yesterday Ben decided he wanted his training wheels off. I think he’s been ready for this for quite some time now but every time I asked he would always say no. Yesterday was the day though. He had already bent one of the training wheels up a bit and it... [Read More]